Dialysis centre in Manesar

Dialysis becomes necessary when kidneys are unable to function adequately. Such conditions may arise due to kidney failure, acute kidney injury (AKI), or chronic kidney disease (CKD). If you are looking for the best treatment, we suggest Genesis dialysis centre in Gurugram, Manesar. This dialysis centre in Manesar provides comprehensive medical care compatible with your health requirements. Compared to other centres, our medical facility offers life-threatening services at an affordable price.

Importance of dialysis centre

 The role of kidneys is significant as they remove waste products and excess fluid from our body. Harmful substances may accumulate and multiply in the body when they do not function properly. If left untreated, the toxic substances can reach dangerous levels and cause unpleasant symptoms that may be fatal. Dialysis does the work of kidneys and protects your body from waste accumulation. However, if kidney failure is temporary, doctors may ask you to stop dialysis upon health recovery.

In extreme cases of chronic kidney disorder, a kidney transplant becomes necessary. You will have to undergo dialysis till you get a suitable donor. Some vulnerable patients may require dialysis for a lifetime, especially those unfit for an operation. Eventually, the need for a dialysis centre is evident for support and care. Certified centres stand well-equipped with advanced dialysis machines and technology. They ensure efficient blood filtration and comprehensive medical assistance.

Symptoms of kidney disease are not noticeable at an early stage. However, you should visit your doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms:-

  •  Blood in urine 
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Nausea and exhaustion
  •  Muscle cramps
  •  Swelling in the hands, ankles, and feet
  •  Difficulty in sleeping
  •  Weightloss
  •  Poor appetite

Your doctor will recommend a routine blood or urine test to diagnose your kidney problem. If your reports indicate issues, they will ask you to visit a nephrologist (kidney specialist). 

Treatment at dialysis centres 

 A nephrologist will determine the level of kidney damage through an ultrasound scan or biopsy. Patients diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases will require regular dialysis sessions. Dialysis treatment is usually of two types- hemodialysis and peritoneal. The specialist will help you decide the best dialysis treatment based on your medical condition. Read on for more details on both dialysis types. 


 This dialysis procedure involves transferring blood from your body to an external machine (called a dialyser). This machine removes toxic substances from the blood and effectively cleanses it before passing back. The process requires vascular access points to allow blood to flow out of the body and back after filtration. Though some patients prefer this treatment at home, dialysis centres are more secure places for treatments. The benefits of in-centre hemodialysis are as follows:

  • Expert supervision
  • Close monitoring 
  • Emergency care
  • Regular sessions
  • Advanced tools and equipment 
  • Strict hygiene standards 
  • Social interaction
  • Time-efficient treatment 
  • Access to support services

Peritoneal Dialysis 

 This dialysis method is an efficient way to manage kidney-related problems. It involves using the peritoneal membrane, a thin lining inside the abdominal cavity, to remove toxicity. The blood filtration process occurs inside the body rather than externally. However, you undergo minor surgery to insert a catheter in your abdomen for access. After placing the catheter, healthcare professionals will fill the peritoneal cavity with dialysate fluid.

The peritoneal membrane acts as a natural filter that allows waste and extra fluids to pass from the blood into the dialysis solution. After a few hours, service providers will remove the dialysis fluid that contains excess fluid and waste products. They may replace the dialysis liquid with a fresh solution. This treatment could be Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) or Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD). The choice between these dialysis methods depends on the intensity of your kidney disorder.

Features of a good dialysis centre

 Whether you require hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, look for the best dialysis centre in Manesar. These medical units provide life-saving treatments for patients with acute kidney injury or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Search online for centres nearby and explore the websites of each facility. You can also ask your nephrologist or healthcare provider for recommendations. They can provide references based on your medical history and present health condition. Consider the traits of a dedicated dialysis centre and decide accordingly.

1. Trained staff

 Dialysis centres in Manesar provide life-sustaining peritoneal dialysis hemodialysis treatments. They have skilled medical professionals, such as nephrologists, nurses, and technicians- all specialised in kidney care. Their expertise and timely support are necessary for managing critical conditions. They help patients understand kidney diseases and treatment options to ensure their health and wellness. 

2. Safety protocols

 Without dialysis treatment, kidney disorders may worsen and lead to severe health complications or death. Reputable dialysis centres offer a safe environment for patients to receive regular dialysis sessions. They ensure maintaining hygienic surroundings to mitigate risks of infection. Safety measures are essential, particularly for people with compromised immune systems.

3. Technology 

 Dialysis centres with cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities provide efficient treatment. Due to advanced dialysis machines and technology, the possibility of error is negligible. The equipment displays accurate measurements of a patient’s vital signs. Since results are reliable, patients can expect to receive the best possible treatment.

4. Emergency care

 Patients with weak immunity are vulnerable to conditions like cardiac arrest or respiratory distress during dialysis. Dedicated dialysis centres will have provisions to manage emergencies. They will have emergency medical supplies and equipment, including medications, defibrillators, and oxygen for patient care. Not only this, these centres have arrangements for safe transportation, such as an ambulance.

Custom-made services

 Medical centres provide dialysis treatment sessions according to the individual’s unique condition. For the best possible dialysis experience, discuss your concerns and preferences with the healthcare team. The medical personnel offer customised treatment plans for dialysis based on your routine. They will also consider the duration and frequency of dialysis you require.

Why is Genesis best for dialysis? 

 Consider Genesis dialysis centre in Manesar for your needs. We have a team of proficient nephrologists, dietitians, technicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Our team collaborates to provide comprehensive kidney care. Besides attending to physical health, we address the emotional aspects of patients. If you have queries, visit the centre at sector -84, New Gurgaon, Haryana -122004 (opp DPS school) or book an appointment at https://genesishospitalggn.in/dialysis-centre-in-gurgaon/

Kidney diseases or injuries are fatal, and sufferers require continuous support. Our dedicated medical staff is available at your services, even during the wee hours of day and night. We arrange haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis sessions based on your requirements. Feel free to contact our doctors about the pros and cons of each dialysis type. We will suggest the most appropriate treatment to ensure you lead a quality life ahead.

Highlights of our dialysis-related services 

  •  Medical expertise
  •  Multidisciplinary care
  •  Customised dialysis sessions
  •  Comfortable environment 
  •  Regulatory safety standards
  •  Hi-tech dialysis machines and equipment
  •  Close observation 
  •  Priority to patient satisfaction 
  •  24-hours availability 
  •  Psychological support 

Final words

 When kidneys lose their filtering potential, harmful wastes and fluids may accumulate in the body. With time, the chemical composition of blood may become imbalanced. Initially, the symptoms are less urine output, nausea, fatigue, and chest pain. In chronic cases, patients may experience seizures or coma. Dialysis is the standard treatment to eliminate toxic substances from the blood and increase lifespan. At Genesis dialysis centre in Manesar, we provide extensive medical care tailored to each patient’s needs. We comply with all regulatory standards and guidelines for safety and quality.

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