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Genesis: One of the best orthopedic hospitals in New Gurgaon

Genesis: One of the best orthopedic hospitals in New Gurgaon

Hospitals provide people in need with comprehensive medical care, emergency services, treatments, surgeries, and therapies. Generally, hospitals specialize in various disciplines to offer expertise and targeted care for specific medical conditions. Specialization allows doctors to gain in-depth knowledge, skills, and resources in a particular area, leading to better outcomes. It enables medical facilities to bestow specialized treatments, modern technologies, and tailored care for distinct health needs.

If you are looking for hospitals specializing in orthopedics, we suggest visiting Genesis. Located in Haryana province, Genesis is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in New Gurgaon. They specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal deformities. Read on to understand orthopedic-related issues and the services offered by this institution.

What are orthopedic-related complications?

 Bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and joints make up the complex musculoskeletal system of the human body. This system makes it easy for you to work, stay active, maintain posture, and move around. However, musculoskeletal injuries or deformities can negatively affect your capacity to function temporarily or permanently. For instance, medical conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can cause musculoskeletal system impairments and require orthopedic intervention. Analysis, treatment, and prevention of skeletal deformities are the focus of orthopedics. This medical specialty clarifies the musculoskeletal system and associated issues.

While many orthopedic conditions are curable, some currently have no treatment, but patients could seek pain reduction and improved quality of life. You could get an accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment in the best orthopedic hospitals in New Gurgaon. The ortho specialists can recommend treatment depending on the type and severity of your condition. Some of the common orthopedic conditions that require medical attention and hospitalization include the following:

1. Lower back pain

 In orthopedics, lower back pain is one of the most prevalent conditions. Almost everyone eventually deals with back pain at one point in life. It often starts mildly and subsides over time. But occasionally, symptoms are so severe that they demand medical attention. Back pain may be a symptom of a more serious health problem if it interferes with your quality of life or causes other medical issues. Generally, back pain gets cured with medication or physical therapy, but some cases might respond best to surgery.

2. Pain in knees

 Knee pain refers to any discomfort or soreness in the knee joint. Numerous factors, including trauma, excessive use, sports injury, osteoarthritis, or underlying medical conditions, can contribute to the pain. The problem may also show swelling, stiffness, trouble walking, and a restricted range of motion. Doctors often suggest rest, physical therapy, and medication for treating knee pain. But in some severe cases, surgery becomes necessary. For an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, consult an ortho specialist. The professional will advise treatment depending on the underlying cause and intensity of pain.

3. Arthritis

 Arthritis is a chronic medical condition that affects people of all ages, but older adults are more susceptible. Since it causes joint inflammation and pain, the role of orthopedic specialists is crucial in diagnosing and treating arthritis. They offer expertise in treating joint-related disorders, including arthritis, with medication, injections, physical therapy, and surgical intervention when necessary. For people with arthritis, orthopedic care focuses on reducing pain, enhancing joint function, and improving the overall quality of life. An orthopedic specialist can help you manage your arthritis symptoms and get the best results from your treatment with routine consultations.

4. Hamstring injuries 

 Injuries to the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh are common orthopedic problems often experienced by athletes. These accidents usually happen during hamstring muscle stretching exercises or sudden acceleration. Pain, edema, and trouble moving around or running are some symptoms. For a successful recovery and the prevention of additional injuries, appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation under the guidance of an orthopedic specialist are essential.

5. Plantar fasciitis

 Inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes, causes this orthopedic condition. Patients with plantar fasciitis may have excruciating heel pain, especially in the morning or after extended periods of inactivity. Orthopedic intervention is crucial for accurate diagnosis and for putting into action suitable treatment plans. It may involve physical therapy, the use of orthotic devices, or in more critical circumstances, surgical intervention to relieve symptoms and promote healing.

6. Hip fracture

 Some orthopedic injuries, like hip fractures, result from osteoporosis or falls in older adults. They cause extreme pain, immobility, and dependency. 

 The condition requires accurate diagnosis through imaging tests and timely orthopedic intervention. Specialists may suggest surgical repair or hip replacement depending on your health analysis. Orthopedics provides all-encompassing care, including post-operative rehabilitation, to hasten recovery and increase mobility.

Seeking the best orthopedic hospitals in New Gurgaon

 If you or your loved one has any orthopedic-related issues, visit the best orthopedic hospitals in New Gurgaon. The hospital should have ultramodern facilities, such as advanced imaging equipment, operating rooms, and rehabilitation centers. Technology enables accurate diagnosis, minimally invasive surgeries, and efficient post-operative care. You can browse search engines to find reputable orthopedic medical centers in your region. Remember to read patient reviews, check accreditation, and examine their success rates for specific orthopedic procedures. A hospital with an excellent track record and reputation indicates a commitment to quality care.

Among the top medical institutions, Genesis stands well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced medical technology, and hi-tech equipment. The hospital offers cutting-edge surgical techniques and comprehensive orthopedic services to improve patients’ mobility and life quality. Visit the hospital at sector -84, New Gurgaon (opp DPS school) Haryana 122004 or book an appointment at https://genesishospitalggn.in/

We have a dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons, therapists, and physicians available at your service. They provide specialized care and treatment for bone, joint, muscle, and spine disorders. They cater to the orthopedic needs of everyone, whether children or elderly patients. Let us discuss more of its healthcare services related to orthopedics.

1. Diagnostic Imaging

 The hospital provides professional consultations with orthopedic specialists. They can assess and diagnose various orthopedic conditions, injuries, and disorders. They have access to cutting-edge imaging services like X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasounds for accurate diagnosis. Whether you have joint inflammation, frozen shoulder, spinal cord injuries, or foot deformities, they can help with various musculoskeletal issues.

2. Non-surgical treatments

 Initially, doctors will diagnose your condition via medical tests and suggest an adequate treatment plan. Options range from conservative ones, such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication, to more invasive ones involving surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons give non-surgical treatments priority before suggesting surgery. For instance, they might advise making lifestyle changes to prevent aggravating an illness or injury. These include modifying your diet, exercise, and physical activities.

3. Orthopedic Surgery

 The hospital has proficient orthopedic surgeons who can treat musculoskeletal conditions requiring surgical intervention. They perform various surgical procedures, such as joint replacements, spinal surgeries, fracture repairs, and deformity correction. These surgeries help restore mobility, relieve pain, and enhance overall musculoskeletal function. For patients seeking orthopedic surgery, the hospital offers the required facilities, tools, and medical personnel.

4. Rehabilitation Services

After an orthopedic surgery or injury, rehabilitation aims to improve mobility, strength, and body functionality. The orthopedic hospital has a dedicated rehabilitation department that works to provide physical therapy and occupational therapy services. Our physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans and facilitate their rehabilitation journey. These therapies assist patients in recovering from orthopedic surgeries, managing chronic conditions, and regaining strength.

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