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The human musculoskeletal system gives the body a suitable shape and structure. It comprises bones, muscles, joints, and other body parts required for bodily movement. Any defect in the system can cause complications and disrupt our daily life. Orthopedics is a medical field related to treating musculoskeletal disorders. Treatment involves non-surgical and surgical processes led by qualified orthopedists.

A. The Significance of Orthopedic Surgery

Schedule an appointment with Dr Manish Jha if you are experiencing orthopedic issues, like joint pain. Dr Jha (Orthopaedic Surgeon, MBBS, MS, DNB) is the founder and manager director of Genesis Gurgaon Hospital. He started his orthopedic career at Calcutta Hospital and completed an Onco fellowship at TMH (Mumbai). He worked abroad at Saudi German Hospital(Jeddah, KSA) before pursuing a fellowship course with the University of Tubingen (Germany). 

When residing in Germany, Dr. Jha gained extensive knowledge and experience in arthroplasty, spine surgery, trauma care, and sports injuries. Additionally, he joined advanced internal fixations training sessions with the AO group (Switzerland). When Dr Jha returned to India, he practiced in several Delhi NCR hospitals and arranged to open Genesis. His dedication and quality care services earned him a respectful designation in the orthopedic field.

B. Overview of Orthopedic Surgery in New Gurgaon

Proficient orthopedic doctors can assess, treat, and prevent conditions affecting your musculoskeletal system. Initially, they evaluate your medical history and examine the affected body part. After reviewing imaging tests, like X-ray, MRI, or CT scans, they seek the best treatment option. If non-surgical options seem inefficient, they will schedule your orthopedic surgery in New Gurgaon. 

If you want to ask anything about the surgery, talk over it during the consultation. On the scheduled surgery date, you should be present in the healthcare setting, often in a hospital. Healthcare providers will check vital signs and give you the medications needed before the operation. The steps that your orthopedic surgeon will take in the process depend on the reason for the surgery. 

2. Specialized Orthopedic Surgeons in New Gurgaon

Today, you can easily find a specialized orthopedist in New Gurgaon using the internet platform. Browse the search engine for the best surgeons near you. Read the patient reviews, ratings, and detailed information about each doctor. Besides relying on the online source, you can seek recommendations from your near and dear ones. 

Your primary care physician can also guide you based on your orthopedic needs. They may refer you to a reputable medical facility that provides quality orthopedic services. Our well-qualified orthopedic surgeons at Genesis are available to give the best treatment. Book an appointment online or visit the hospital at sec-84 (opp DPS school) Manesar, New Gurgaon. You can expect a cure for the following conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal trauma
  • Infections in any body part
  • Spine diseases
  • Sports injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Tumors
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Congenital disorders

3. Future Trends in Orthopedic Surgery

Technologically driven resources have transformed the orthopedic field. It has modified orthopedic-based treatment and caused better patient outcomes. Here is an overview of the emerging trends in this medical space. 

  • Augmented and virtual reality

The use of augmented reality in orthopedic surgery helps in precise surgical planning. The technology enables surgeons to work with 3D models of joints and bones. It enhances the doctor’s potential to navigate and treat complex musculoskeletal systems.

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)

The future of orthopedic surgery may witness a significant integration of these two fields. Robotics-assisted procedures help surgeons to operate precisely and facilitate quick recovery. Analysis of patient data via AI algorithms enables doctors to make better treatment choices. 

  • Orthobiologics (regenerative medicine)

Biologics and regenerative medicine in orthopedics are significant in many critical cases. It involves using cells, tissues, and biomaterials to promote natural healing. Therapies can restore damaged bone and cartilage without the need for joint replacements.

4. Importance of Advanced Technology in Orthopedic Surgery

Advancements in orthopedic surgery have enhanced precision and patient satisfaction. Innovations like robotic-assisted surgery enable more accurate joint replacements and spine surgeries. Moreover, imaging technologies, such as 3D printing and augmented reality, facilitate implants tailored to a patient’s unique anatomy. This customization improves implant fit, reduces complications, and operates better for longer.

New technologies in orthopedics promote minimally invasive techniques. Compared to conventional open procedures, advanced technology causes less tissue damage because of smaller incisions. They lead to less discomfort and shorter hospital stays. Ultimately, orthopedic surgery patients can lead a better quality of life. Overall, you can understand the significance of cutting-edge technologies in orthopedics as follows: 

  • Enhances the technical aspects of surgeries
  • Helps navigate complex anatomical structures
  • Improves the level of patient satisfaction 
  • Facilitates faster and more effective rehabilitation
  • Allows for timely interventions whenever needed

5. Conclusion

Orthopedic surgery is a medical specialty that precisely deals with musculoskeletal disorders. Skilled orthopedists can diagnose, repair, replace, or prevent conditions affecting how you feel or move. At Genesis Orthopedic Center, our surgeons provide comprehensive medical care and guide you on speedy recovery. If you have any ortho-based problems, consult Dr. Manish Jha now. 

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