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Any defect in the musculoskeletal system can cause pain and impair your routine. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment, seek the best orthopedic doctors in your city. At Genesis, we have highly skilled orthopedicians in Gurgaon. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Manish Jha, the founder and managing director of Genesis Hospital. The doctor has around 23 years of experience in the orthopedic field.


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Availability of Orthopedic Specialists in Gurgaon

 Gurgaon is a bustling city with wide transportation networks, ranging from roadways to airway facilities. No matter how far you live, almost all Gurgaon hospitals are easily accessible. You can ask your family, friends, colleagues, or primary care physician for recommendations for proficient orthopedic specialists. Their experience will give you an insight into the services offered in a specific orthopedic facility. You can also browse online to find the best orthopedicians in Gurgaon. However, consider patient reviews and ratings of the specialists to know about their reputation and patient satisfaction. Though hundreds of orthopedic doctors are available in Gurgaon, not all are as experienced and skilled as our healthcare professionals at Genesis. 

Dr Manish Jha (Orthopaedic Surgeon, MBBS, MS, DNB)

 Dr. Manish Jha is a dedicated doctor willing to provide the best possible care to his patients. He completed MBBS, MS, and DNB courses specialized in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Jha started his career in 2000 as a registrar at Calcutta Hospital, Kolkata, and progressed to complete a 6-month fellowship in Onco Orthopedics at TMH, Mumbai. Furthermore, he gave specialized services for one year at the Saudi German Hospital in Jeddah, KSA. 

Due to his devoted services, he gained recognition and fellowship with the University of Tubingen in Germany. By that time, he had extensive experience in various orthopedic domains. He worked in different disciplines, including spine surgery, arthroplasty, trauma care, and sports injuries. Not only this, he undertook specialized training in advanced internal fixations with the AO group in Switzerland.

On returning to his home country, India, Dr. Jha worked in many different hospitals in Delhi NCR regions. Eventually, he set up Genesis Hospital in Gurgaon and Aastha Hospital in Pataudi. His excellent services yielded outcomes that earned him a reputation as a skilled orthopedic specialist. If you are looking for the best orthopedicians in Gurgaon, visit Genesis Hospital in Manesar or schedule an appointment here.

Understanding Orthopedics

 A. What is Orthopedics?

These days, problems with bones, joints, and muscles are common. Some issues are due to age factors, while many are because of traumatic injuries. The orthopedics field helps prevent, identify, and treat such conditions. Doctors specializing in this medical space are orthopedists or orthopedic surgeons. They intend to treat various musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. They help reduce orthopedic-based pain and discomfort.  

B. Common Orthopedic Conditions

Orthopedic is the branch of medicine that encompasses all issues related to the skeletal system and its interconnecting parts. From rheumatoid arthritis to bursitis, the field covers many typical conditions. 

1. Arthritis

This inflammatory condition could be osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or ankylosing spondylitis. It often causes intense joint pain and reduced mobility. Depending on the individual case, its symptoms and treatment approaches may differ. Treatment generally involves medication, physical therapy, or surgery when conservative methods are ineffective. 

 2. Back Pain

 A person may experience acute back pain due to osteoarthritis, ruptured disks, or overstretching of muscles. Treatment of this orthopedic condition depends on the underlying cause and severity. Sometimes, resting and over-the-counter medications can help the back heal and recover fast. Sometimes, injections or surgery becomes necessary to relieve the pain.

3. Fractures

 Conditions like osteoporosis weaken bones and make them more susceptible to fractures. Traumatic injuries or indulging in high-intensity workouts may also cause a crack in a bone. The affected area may lead to chronic pain and require immediate orthopedic intervention. Orthopedists often immobilize the broken bones through casts, splints, or braces to prevent further damage. They may prescribe medicines to manage pain and inflammation associated with the fracture.

4. Sports Injuries

 Injuries like fractures, dislocations, and sprains often occur due to sports-related activities. Athletes should seek immediate medical attention for such sports injuries. They must visit a skilled orthopedic doctor to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Early orthopedic intervention can help alleviate pain, heal fast, and return to sporting activities soon.

C. Importance of Timely Orthopedic Consultation

Most orthopedic conditions are severe and require early diagnosis for effective treatment. For instance, fractures or ligament tears involve intense pain and may worsen if not treated. On the contrary, consulting an orthopedic specialist timely prevents unnecessary suffering. If you’re experiencing orthopedic issues, it’s wise to consult with a specialist soon.  The potential benefits of timely orthopedic consultation are as follows:

  • Better pain management strategies
  • Early diagnosis and fewer complications
  • Prevents further damage 
  • Deters the requirement of surgery
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Helps regain functional abilities
  • Improved quality of life

3. Choosing the Right Orthopedician

Orthopedic specialists have extensive knowledge of how to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. However, for the best outcomes, seek proficient orthopedicians in Gurgaon. Their experience and expertise can help reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life. You can reach the right orthopedic professionals in the following ways: 

 A. Researching Orthopedic Specialists in Gurgaon

 Create a list of orthopedic specialists in Gurgaon by seeking recommendations and using online directories. Go through the hospital websites and check their affiliations with reputable medical facilities in the area.

B. Credentials and Experience

 The next step is to verify the credentials and experience of the shortlisted orthopedic doctors. Check their medical degree and board certification in the field. Consider their track record of successful surgeries performed related to your condition. Also, look into their specialization to ensure they can understand your needs. Orthopedic medical specialties include sports medicine, joint replacement, spine surgery, and more.

C. Patient Reviews and Testimonials

 Another significant step is to read patient reviews and testimonials online. Their feedback will give you an idea of the orthopedician’s reputation and patient satisfaction. If maximum comments are negative, it is a sign of red flags.

4. Services Offered by Orthopedicians in Gurgaon

Skilled orthopedicians offer multiple services to improve musculoskeletal health. From diagnosis to rehabilitation, they provide comprehensive orthopedic care. If you have problems with your joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons, they will help alleviate your pain.

A. Orthopedic Consultations

 When meeting with an orthopedic specialist, discuss all your musculoskeletal system-related concerns. While reviewing your condition, they will conduct a thorough physical examination. They will also ask about your medical history, including any previous injuries, ailments, or surgeries.

B. Diagnostic Tests

 Based on your health condition, the specialist will suggest diagnostic tests. Generally, these tests include MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, and blood tests. Your diagnostic evaluation will help determine the exact orthopedic problem.

C. Non-Surgical Treatments

 The diagnostic tests help orthopedic specialists to understand the severity of your problem. Accordingly, they develop appropriate treatment plans that are often non-invasive. Most patients with an orthopedic injury or chronic musculoskeletal issue get the following treatment options:

1. Medications

 After diagnosis of the orthopedic condition, specialists often give oral anti-inflammatories or analgesic medications. They monitor the effects, and if pain persists, they may go for steroids or cortisone injections to reduce inflammation. Another option is to use orthotics, bracing, or casts with medicines for quick recovery.

2. Physical Therapy

 Besides medicines, orthopedic specialists may suggest therapy programs to enhance mobility. These programs focus on restoring strength, flexibility, and quick recovery. Therapists may recommend manual therapy, modalities like heat or ice, and low-intensity exercises for treatment.

D. Surgical Procedures

 Initially, most orthopedic specialists avoid surgery because the more invasive the treatment, the more tissue ruptures and adds complications. However, some sports injuries or musculoskeletal problems may require surgical intervention for cure. Most commonly, orthopedic surgeons perform operations in the following cases:

1. Joint Replacement (Arthroplasty)

 This surgical procedure involves removing damaged cartilage and bone from your joint. In the process, orthopedic surgeons replace injured or worn-out knee joints with prosthetic components. These prostheses are generally available in metal, plastic, or ceramic quality. Despite being artificial, they offer the shape and movement of a natural joint.

2. Spine Surgery

 Orthopedic surgeons intervene surgically to treat various conditions affecting the spine. It may involve removing a damaged or herniated disc and replacing the damaged area with an artificial one. The surgery may be complex depending on the patient’s orthopedic condition. Consult an experienced orthopedic specialist to evaluate and discuss the most appropriate treatment options.

 E. Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

 Orthopedic specialists offer rehabilitation programs tailored to the patient’s condition and convenience. It may involve physical therapy, exercises, and guidance on lifestyle changes. Patients should follow the orthopedic specialist’s recommendations to recover fast.

5. Advanced Orthopedic Technologies

 Traditionally, surgeries involved a long incision to enable the surgeon to view and access the anatomy. However, due to technological advancement, surgeries are no longer open and as complex as before. These days, skilled surgeons operate via minimally invasive surgical techniques.

A. Minimally Invasive Surgery

 These days, most skilled orthopedic surgeons perform surgeries using small incisions or entry points. They have specialized instruments and cameras for assistance. This invasive surgery intends to treat the orthopedic condition without rupturing tissues or causing pain. The process involves shorter hospital stays and quicker return to daily routine.

B. Robotic-Assisted Surgery

 This surgery type involves using robotic systems for conducting surgical procedures. Seek the most proficient orthopedicians in Gurgaon for such surgeries. Experts perform complex processes through minimal incisions precisely. Robotic-assisted surgery in orthopedic cases offers faster recovery times and fewer risks.

C. Imaging Techniques

 This technique enables orthopedicians to visualize the interior parts of the body for diagnosis and treatment. The specialists can see body structures and understand abnormalities without incisions. Some of the most common imaging techniques used by orthopedic doctors include the following: 

  •  Ultrasound 
  •  X-rays (radiographs)
  •  MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans
  •  CT (computed tomography) scans

6. Orthopedic Clinics and Hospitals in Gurgaon

 Gurgaon is one of the most developing cities in the NCR Delhi region and has many reputable medical clinics and hospitals. Ask your friend, family, colleague, or primary care physician to refer you to the best orthopedic-based medical facility. At Genesis Multispecialty Hospital, we have the best orthopedicians in Gurgaon. You can schedule a consultation online with our doctors to discuss your orthopedic condition and treatment options. Our orthopedic medical services are available for children and adults.

Prominent Orthopedic Center

Genesis Hospital provides orthopedic and pediatric care around the clock. The specialty orthopedic center stands well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. We have highly trained orthopedic doctors and staff readily available for your services. Visit the hospital at sector -84, new Gurgaon (opp DPS school) Haryana 122004, India. 



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