Pediatrician in New Gurgaon

Pediatrician in New Gurgaon 

The role of pediatricians is significant for treating infants, adolescents, and young adults. From developmental delays to congenital conditions, they can take good care of your child. Parents can feel relieved because they perform regular health tests and ensure optimum pediatric care. If you are looking for a well-qualified pediatrician in New Gurgaon, we suggest you consult Dr. Bhawesh K. Singh at Genesis. 


Pediatrics and Neonatology, MBBS, DNB


Dr. Bhawesh (Pediatrics and Neonatology, MBBS, DNB) is the founder of Genesis Gurgaon Hospital. After formal education and training, the doctor worked with various multi-specialty hospitals. Now, he has more than nine years of experience in practicing pediatric medicine. To contact this proficient pediatrician, schedule an appointment online or visit his clinic at Sector -84, New Gurgaon (Opp DPS School) Haryana.

Importance of Pediatricians

 After childbirth, parents give priority to the health of their newborn child. They seek a pediatrician who specializes in treating and managing pediatric issues. Dedicated pediatricians ensure optimum child growth and development. They address both physical and emotional health issues, ensuring their overall well-being. To understand their importance, let us know their primary roles and responsibilities.

Administering vaccination 

Protecting children from preventable diseases is one of the most crucial aspects of child care. Pediatricians help parents by administering vaccinations and immunizations. Not only this, they offer advice on nutrition, safety, and parenting.

Diagnosing disorders

 Another vital role of pediatricians is that they diagnose and treat childhood illnesses. They undergo several years of formal education and training to provide specialized pediatric care. Fortunately, a pediatrician in New Gurgaon provides treatment tailored to children’s unique needs.

Treatment plan

 Generally, treatment for pediatric diseases involves medication and regular check-ups. Though doctors prefer noninvasive treatments, surgery could be necessary in critical cases. For instance, a child may require surgery for the removal of brain tumors.

Follow up visits 

 After diagnosis and treatment in several cases, follow-up visits with a pediatrician become essential. Doctors check vital signs, monitor physical health, and record their progress. These visits enable the doctor to address health concerns, provide vaccinations, and guide parents on safety.

Choosing a Pediatrician in New Gurgaon

New Gurgaon is a developing city and has many pediatric clinics. Choose a reliable and certified pediatrician to ensure your child is in safe hands. You can reach a proficient pediatrician in many ways, such as:

  • Ask your family member, close friend, colleague, neighbor, or primary care physician. Their recommendation will help you contact a well-known pediatrician in New Gurgaon
  • Speak with your insurance provider for a list of in-network pediatricians. Ensure the chosen pediatrician services are acceptable in your health insurance policy.
  • Use internet search engines and browse for the best pediatrician near you. Remember to read reviews and ratings from other parents before booking an appointment online.
  • Visit the pediatrician’s clinic and check if their working hours align with your schedule. Besides this, consider the ease of scheduling appointments and availability for emergencies.
  • Visit the pediatrician’s website to gain more information about them. Check their credentials, certification, experience, and expertise.

Pediatric Services Offered 

Pediatricians offer invaluable services, including check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment for childhood illnesses. However, some pediatric doctors specialize in different fields to address specific health concerns. Specialization is necessary for age-appropriate medical care. Here are a few specialization categories within pediatric medicine:

1. Pediatric Cardiology 

 It involves identifying and treating heart conditions in children, including congenital cardiovascular defects.

2. Pediatric Pulmonology

 This field focuses on respiratory issues in children, including asthma and cystic fibrosis.

3. Pediatric Neurology

 It deals with disorders of the nervous system in children, such as epilepsy and developmental delays.

4. Pediatric Surgery

 The role of pediatric surgeons is significant for conditions that require surgical interventions, like lung cysts or tumors.

5. Pediatric Endocrinology

 Here, pediatricians address hormonal disorders and growth issues to manage conditions like diabetes in children.

6. Pediatric Orthopedics

 Pediatricians specializing in musculoskeletal issues can manage conditions like fractures or joint pain in children.

7. Pediatric Nephrology

 This field deals with kidney-related problems in children, such as urinary tract infections or kidney failure.

8. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

Pediatricians under this category provide comprehensive care for immune system-related issues like allergies or asthma.

Likewise, pediatric services encompass many more specialized fields. If needed, pediatricians collaborate with specialists to provide comprehensive healthcare for children. The professionals ensure that young patients receive specialized and personalized medical care. 

Qualifications and Expertise

Pediatricians are proficient medical doctors who address the unique healthcare needs of children. They devote many years to gaining extensive knowledge and skills for pediatric care.

1. Formal education 

 After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, prospective pediatrician candidates attend medical school for four years. Next, they pursue a residency program in pediatrics, which usually lasts three years. This residency training helps them gain practical experience in caring for children.

2. Specialization

Pediatricians can treat various health issues of infants, children, and adolescents. They undergo formal education and training to attain board certifications before working with young patients. However, some pediatric doctors specialize in a particular field and pursue further studies accordingly. Subspecialties include pediatric oncology, cardiology, orthopedics,  endocrinology, nephrology, paleontology, etc.

Pediatrician Profiles

 Pediatricians can interpret child behavior and developmental issues. They provide vaccinations, individualized treatments, and preventive care guidance. However, always check their profile before consultation to ensure they meet your specific needs. Their profile highlights their expertise and experience in pediatric medicine. Here are a few things to consider in pediatrician profiles. 

 1. Education and certification

 2. Experience

 3. Specialization

 4. Reviews and testimonials

 5. Accessibility

 6. Emergency care services

At Genesis, Dr. Bhawesh K. Singh works proficiently in a NICU setting, providing advanced medical care to critically ill newborns. The pediatric neonatologist ensures comprehensive care for newborns regardless of the complexity involved. For a consultation with this pediatrician in New Gurgaon, book an appointment now. 

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