Physiotherapy in Manesar

Physiotherapy is a healthcare professional that focuses on physical functions and mobility. It is highly beneficial to manage pain and recover from injuries or illnesses. You can type “physiotherapist near me” on the search engine to explore these services nearby. If you need physiotherapy in Manesar, we suggest Genesis, a multispecialty medical center.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy specializes in treating and healing physical injuries or deformities. The medical field aims to maximize body potential and improve quality of life. It uses scientifically proven approaches such as exercises, massage, and heat treatment instead of drugs or surgery. Physiotherapy services are significant as they help restore mobility and improve health conditions. One may require these services in the following circumstances:

1. Musculoskeletal disorders 

Most medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system require physiotherapy services. For example, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle sprains, and lower back pain need physiotherapy intervention. 

2. Orthopedic Injuries

 These injuries significantly affect our bodily movements and overall well-being. They may include fractures, dislocated joints, and muscular strains in sports.

3. Postural problems

Sitting or standing for long at work or home often causes lower back pain and muscular spasms. Fortunately,  physiotherapists can help relieve pain and discomfort associated with poor posture.

4. Neurological Conditions

 Some neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease cause acute muscle weakness. Physiotherapy helps regain strength and mobility through specific exercises.

The Role of a Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist (physical therapist) is a certified healthcare professional who has in-depth knowledge of physiotherapy techniques. These therapists carefully examine the patient’s health and recommend the best way to regain mobility. They help in healing musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiopulmonary conditions. Here is a brief discussion of how they intervene and provide services:


 The physiotherapist assesses the physical condition of the patient entirely. They ask the patient about the symptoms in detail and listen to their problem patiently. They may even palpate the affected part to understand the situation more precisely. In severe cases, they may perform clinical tests to diagnose the cause of pain and suggest an appropriate therapy.

2. Treatment plan

 After proper assessment and diagnosis, physiotherapists develop treatment plans customized to individual needs. These plans may include exercises, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, heat therapy, or other processes. The motive is to alleviate pain, regain mobility, and improve function.

3. Progress monitoring 

 Physiotherapists may recommend a combination of exercises, manual therapy, and other modalities for treatment. They continuously monitor the patient’s progress and make changes accordingly. Compliance with treatment and regular assessment ensures better outcomes.

4. Education 

 Another significant role of physiotherapists is to educate patients about their condition. They suggest lifestyle changes and ergonomic adjustments to prevent further injuries. They teach self-care techniques, correct posture, and home exercises to enable patients to lead a quality life.

Physiotherapy services offered in Manesar

If you are looking for a physiotherapist near me, visit Genesis Hospital in Manesar. The hospital stands well-equipped with advanced infrastructure and facilities. It provides massive resources and expertise, allowing doctors to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. Visit the hospital at Sector 84 Sikanderpur Badha, Gurugram (near Delhi Public School) or contact online at

At Genesis, we have well-trained and highly qualified therapists. They incorporate the latest technology and provide comprehensive medical care. Services related to physiotherapy in Manesar include the following:

1. Pain management 

 Physiotherapy offers a holistic approach to alleviating pain and discomfort. The therapists use various techniques like therapeutic ultrasound and electrotherapy for pain relief. These techniques improve patients’ physical health and functional abilities.

2. Rehabilitation 

 Our skilled physiotherapists provide extensive rehabilitation services, helping patients to recover quickly from their post-surgery or injury. Based on individual patient’s conditions, they recommend exercise programs, including stretching and strengthening practices. These exercises help heal fast and return to daily routine with the maximum potential.

3. Mobility improvement 

 Medical conditions like a sprained ankle, arthritis, and spinal cord injury can slow down your pace of movement.  Skilled physiotherapists help improve patients’ mobility by addressing balance and speed-related issues. They carefully assess the problem and work on increasing strength to help individuals regain their moving ability.

4. Pediatric physiotherapy

 Children with developmental delays, injuries, or disabilities require specialized care. Pediatric physiotherapy services in Manesar address the unique needs of kids from infancy to adolescence. The physiotherapists offer safe, noninvasive techniques in a child-friendly environment. They aim to improve motor skills, muscle strength, and child development.

How Physiotherapy Works? 

 At Genesis Hospital, we understand the hassles associated with limited motor function and recurring body pains. Our physiotherapist will work closely with patients to determine the cause of their mobility problems. Accordingly, they develop a customized plan to restore health and lead a quality life. Here is a discussion on how a physiotherapist works to enhance mobility.

1. Assessment and diagnosis

The first thing that a physiotherapist has to do is find the reason for the mobility problem. Assessment may require physical check-ups and some clinical tests. Based on your medical reports, the physiotherapist will determine if your mobility issue is due to weakness in your joints, muscles, or other body parts.

2. Therapeutic interventions

 After diagnosis, the physiotherapist develops a treatment plan tailored to your condition. The treatment will help strengthen your muscles to cope with the mobility problem. It may involve using different approaches for muscle strengthening, such as:

  •  Manual physical therapy
  •  Soft Tissue Mobilization
  •  Cryotherapy or heat therapy
  •  Therapeutic ultrasound 
  •  Functional movement training
  •  Home exercise with resistance bands or other equipment.

3. Counseling

 Physiotherapy focuses on recovery and prevention care. A physiotherapist may prescribe daily supplements or lifestyle changes to strengthen your muscles in specific cases. The goal is to boost physical potential and return to your routine more quickly. The therapist may also suggest targeted exercises to leverage affected muscles.

The Benefits of Choosing Physiotherapy in Manesar

 Physiotherapy in Manesar promotes physical, social, emotional, and psychological well-being. This medical field facilitates quick recovery, allowing people to remain independent for as long as possible. In short, the potential benefits of physiotherapy are as follows:

  • Provide customized treatment 
  • Educates patients regarding self-care
  • Covers multiple medical conditions 
  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Support people of all age groups 
  • Maximize physical functions 
  • Increases mobility and bodily movements
  • Prevents future issues
  • Helps lead to a quality life


 1. What is the cost of a physio session?

The fees for physio sessions vary from one hospital to another. But if you seek physiotherapy in Manesar, the prices are lower than in other areas. An introductory physiotherapy session may cost INR 600-800, while advanced modalities or physiotherapy sessions may amount to INR 1000-2000. In other words, the average cost of a physio session is about INR 1000.

2. Which area of physiotherapy is best?

Physiotherapy covers many areas, including women’s health, sports, neurology, cardiovascular and pulmonary. While each field is significant, orthopedic physical therapy is the most popular physiotherapy zone. It involves identifying and healing problems affecting the bones or joints. If you want to choose a physiotherapy specialty for your career, consider your goals and interests. 

3. Can we use Dr. after BPT?

You became a certified physiotherapist after completing BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) and internship. You will also get categorized under the Physiotherapist Category Doctors. So, you can add ‘Dr. ‘ before your name after BPT, provided you mention PT too.

4. Can I join the army after physiotherapy?

Yes, you can join the military after completing physiotherapy, but it depends on the specific requirements and policies of the pursuing military branch. Generally, one has to appear for a CDS (Combined Defence Exam) Physiotherapist in the Indian army. This exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year, and candidates between the ages of 19-25 are eligible. 

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